Additional Rule 75 Information

The following information is being disclosed for the purpose of ISDX rule 75 (Information as of 11th July 2018)

Issuers Name

Imperial Minerals Plc

Corporate and other Professional Advisers

Corporate Adviser

Peterhouse Corporate Finance Limited


Edwin Coe LLP


PKF Littlejohn LLP


Share Registrars Limited


Incorporated in England and Wales with Registered Number 6275976

Directors and biographical details


Description of the Business

Business Activities

Number of Securities in issue

31,831,250 Fully paid ordinary shares

Percentage of shares in public hands

19.89% of shares are in public hands

Outstanding instruments convertible into securities

  • 5,000,000 4p Share options expiring 13th January 2022

If 5,000,000 options were converted into ordinary shares, this results in a 13.58% dilution to existing holders.

Substantial Shareholdings

Shareholders Number of Ordinary Shares %
Hansen Investments Limited 10,500,000 32.99%
Clariden Capital Limited 8,750,000 27.49%
James Tyson  Hamilton 5,250,000 16.49%
W B Nominees Limited 2,151,400 6.76%
Ambrian Plc 1,000,000 3.14%
Bushvale Holdings Pty Ltd 1,000,000 3.14%
Hoyt Moxon Ltd 1,000,000 3.14%


RNS Announcements

Annual and Interim Financial Statements

Reports and Accounts

Admission Document

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Shareholder Circulars within last 12 months

2017 AGM Notice

2016 AGM Notice