Michael Langoulant - Chairman/Secretary
Michael Langoulant is a Chartered Accountant, corporate and financial advisor who specializes in providing corporate financial services to public companies. He has over 30 years’ experience in public company M&A, corporate administration and fundraising. He has acted as finance director, CFO, company secretary and non-executive director with a number of publicly listed companies.

Fezile Mzazi - Non-executive Director
Fezile Mzazi is based in South Africa and Vienna and has nearly 20 years corporate experience in international public markets.
Fezile is on the advisory board and a major shareholder of medicinal cannabis company Corix Bioscience, a leading research and development firm of cannabidiol (CBD). Corix has secured a medicinal cannabis license in Lesotho. Fezile is also on the advisory board of Bronson Group Limited, ASX listed (ASX:BGR), an ex-cosmetics trading company that has now changed its focus to become a medicinal cannabis business .
Fezile is also a member of, and advisor to, the Cannabis Development Council of South Africa (CDCSA) which is an inclusive self-regulated Cannabis Industry association foundation to help regulate and control the cannabis industry of South Africa

Melissa Sturgess - Director
Melissa Sturgess holds a BSc and an MBA and has many years of experience as a director of AIM and ASX quoted companies, mainly involved in the acquisition, structuring and financing of natural resources deals across Africa. She was most recently a key driver in the successful recapitalisation of Messaging International plc during 2016 which subsequently changed its name to SigmaRoc Plc, acquired a building materials business via a reverse takeover and raised £50 million from a range of investors in the Channel Islands and the UK. She has an extensive background in corporate management, development and financing. She is a director of URA Holdings plc and is one of the founders of Ananda Developments Plc, a medicinal cannabis company that commenced trading on the NEX Exchange on 4 July.