Kyler Hardy - Chief Executive Officer

Kyler Hardy is the Chief Executive Officer and majority shareholder of Cronin Capital Corp ("Cronin"), a merchant banking group based in Vancouver, Canada. Kyler has over 15 years' experience in the global resource sector where he has operated, advised and raised funds via venture capital and private equity. Kyler's experience includes founding and growing a number of companies, including Cronin, CSM Corp, Equitas and UTM Exploration.

Kyle Hookey - Non-executive Director

Kyle Hookey is an Associate at Cronin and has over 8 years' experience in the international capital markets, consulting on equity and debt portfolios, corporate transactions and broad investment mandates. Kyle specialises in providing corporate advisory in M&A, financing and corporate restructuring and has advised across both private and public companies, primarily in Canada and Australia.

Emma Priestley - Non-executive Director

Emma Priestley is the Chief Executive Officer at AIM-listed Goldstone Resources Limited and has a background in mining and financial services, having worked with mining companies and consultants, IMC Mackay & Schnellmann, investment bank CSFB, advisers VSA Resources and Ambrian Partners, where she worked as corporate broker and adviser. Emma is a graduate of Camborne School of Mines, is a chartered Mining Engineer and Chartered Mineral Surveyor.

Melissa Sturgess - Non-executive Director

Melissa Sturgess holds a BSc and an MBA and has many years of experience as a director of AIM and ASX quoted companies, mainly involved in the acquisition, structuring and financing of natural resources deals across Africa. She was most recently a key driver in the successful recapitalisation of Messaging International plc during 2016 which subsequently changed its name to SigmaRoc Plc, acquired a building materials business via a reverse takeover and raised £50 million from a range of investors in the Channel Islands and the UK. She has an extensive background in corporate management, development and financing. She is a director of URA Holdings plc and is one of the founders of Ananda Developments Plc, a medicinal cannabis company that commenced trading on the NEX Exchange on 4 July.