Investment Committee

Imperial X plc has formed an investment committee to consider potential investments in the Medicinal Cannabis sector. The Investment Committee consists of 2 of the Company’s directors plus external independent experts as required. The Committee currently has one appointed expert- Dr Inbar Pomeranchik. Additional advisers will be appointed to the Committee when necessary.

Dr. Inbar Maymon Pomeranchik, PhD, Investment Committee Adviser

Dr. Pomeranchik holds a PhD in plant sciences molecular biology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a multi-disciplinary post-doctorate from Weizmann Institute, combining drug biochemistry with plant science.
After 15 years of molecular & genetic research and development Inbar has a hands-on experience in all aspects of the Biotech industry: from academic research to commercial project lead, from small startups to large corporations. More recently, Dr Pomeranchik founded Biodiligence Limited, a private company, which provides consultancy services in the field of biotechnology and agricultural technology within the Medicinal Cannabis space for venture capitalists, private equity investors and family offices.